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Let Florida Drone Operators capture images in ways that would normally go unseen, and turns them into captivating and engaging footage that can be promoted to bring calls to your brand.


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A New Perspective on Imagery

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but if you’re using the same pictures and video as everyone else, you’re not getting the same amount of impact. If still, high-quality land-based photography and videography helps your viewers feel like they’re “really there,” imagine what a revolutionary new perspective could do for them. Envision a journey that begins above your head, glides effortlessly through a crowd, zooms in from a birds-eye view over water: with drone photography, it’s all possible.

At Florida Drone Operators, we give you a view of your business, event, or property that no land-based photography can match. By functioning as your “eye in the sky” and providing smooth, trackless panning, we’re able to capture candid moments and enticing tours for you to enjoy, share, and use. Our sweeping, cinema-like footage helps you capture everything – from homes, to crowds, to that special moment at the altar – in ways you’ve never dreamed possible before.

Booking Florida Drone Photography Services

Still a relatively new option for filming or photographing needs, our drone photography and video services are provided by a team of professionals that use both best practices and premium equipment. Some drone service providers in Floriday don’t have the experience and understanding necessary to provide a professional-grade reel or portfolio of drone captures, but we do. In fact, we’re proud to go above – literally, in some cases – and beyond for our clients. We understand how important it is to preserve that perfect moment, whether it be the ideal sunset-lit shot of a home for sale or a dramatic shot of a business building for a corporate site.

All-Inclusive and Affordable Drone Services

We understand that our clients don’t simply need access to a drone, they need access to a solution. They want great photographs and high quality video from unique angles, taken at the right moments by an experienced drone photographer or drone videographer.

At Florida Drone Operators, we’re happy to discuss your needs, your budget, and your goals for your drone service rental, and provide you with solutions you’ll love. If you’ve been hesitating because you don’t know where to start, let our expert team guide you through the booking process and make it as clear and easy as the images we capture every day for our clients.

When you book with us, we’ll take care of everything, and we’re always ready with recommendations that will help you portray your video or photography subject in the best lighting, from the best angles. If you want a new perspective through visual innovation, put our expert team at the controls: contact us today to get started on your customized drone photo and video quote.

Certified Pilots

We take pride in the work we do. Our remote pilot airmen are highly skilled and approach each job with meticulous attention to detail. All of our pilots have successfully completed the FAA’s aeronautical knowledge test at an approved center and have been officially accredited by the TSA.

Aircraft Liability Insurance:

State-of-the-art drone technology should be handled, piloted, and engaged with by qualified

FAA Licensed & Certified:

Bodily Injury: $1 Million

Property Damage: $1 Million

Medical Expense per Person: $5,000

Medical Expense per Occurrence: $50,000

Video distribution

let us help you promote your video through a wide variety of channels to bring inbound calls to you or your clients.


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Includes: Script Writing, Storyboarding, Location Scouting, Creating Shooting Plan, Schedule,  and more.
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Includes: Mirrorless HD Photo and Video Camera(s), 1 to 2 Person Crew, On-Site Staging for Shoot
Camera starting @ $150 per hour
2 Cameras starting @ $225 per hour
The more hours you book the less your hourly rate is. 😀
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Includes: GPS Controlled Quad-Blade Drones with 4k Wide-Lens Video & 16 Megapixel Photography Camera. Video is stabilized with a 3-Axis Gimbal for fluid motion.
Drone Pilot starting @ $150 per hour
Drone Pilot starting @ $300 per hour
The more hours you book the less your hourly rate is. 😀
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Includes: Video Editing, Sound Adjustments, Title Creation & Integration, Color Correction, Encoding of Final Output for DVD, Blue-Ray, Web, etc., and Uploading to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, IG etc.
1. $125 and up
Depending on the project.
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Take your brand further than ever before

At Florida Drone Operators, we’re pleased to assist with capturing raw footage with our high-quality drones, but our professionalism doesn’t stop there. We believe that expert-level editing is the difference between an amateur “clip” and a sweeping cinematic experience. Editing connects the chapters in your visual story to draw the viewer in, helping them mentally place themselves at your event or property. It allows you to tell your story seamlessly, interspersing text that aligns with each concept, providing a cohesive finished product.

A Professional Finish

Whether you’re showing a Florida property to prospective investors or buyers, creating a dramatic view of a special event, or simply want to capture beautiful memories from a unique angle, our dedicated team of video editing specialists can help you achieve exactly what you have in mind. We’ll work with you to bring your vision to life, bringing together your ideas and our premium drone-captured footage to give you a video roll or feature that shows the best parts of your project and eliminates awkward pauses, visual transitions, or uninteresting footage.

One-of-a-Kind Moods

Imagine a visual story that begins on a note you can’t capture on a handheld device. Crisp, clear images that pan in over water, that swoop down from above, or glide closer at shoulder level to add excitement and interest. When you partner with Florida Drone Operators to film and edit your project, you’ll have access to all that and more. Our aim isn’t simply to film, it’s to frame and present your project in a compelling light, designing and communicating a story that honors creativity with professional angles, lighting and footage throughout the course of your event or reel.

Don’t Settle for Less Than The Best

No matter where your footage has been captured, we can apply our professional touch to give your video the treatment it deserves – even if we weren’t the ones originally filming it. Sleek transitions, omitting less-than-ideal footage, adding in captions and titles – we can do it all for you. Make sure your footage isn’t bogged down with jerky transitions, awkward pauses or settings without context: let Florida Drone Operators make your video into a masterpiece you’ll want to watch, over and over.

Take your brand further than ever before

Whether it’s just one time around the block, or an all-day shoot, we work with you to ensure that you are getting everything you need to move forward confidently and creatively.

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